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Process + Craft = Quality

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This week, I moved from a general process improvement group to a software development department, to specifically focus on code quality. The most mature tool and process I left behind was a defect tracking system. Of course, in our development department, we use that defect tracking system. In case anyone asks me what it’s for, here’s my answer.

Prevent Errors, Fix Defects, Describe Failures

There are many definitions of those terms, but since when we fix problematic code we close “defects” in the “defect tracking system”, I started with that word in the middle. Leads to these definitions:

Error: The mistake someone made. (The root cause is the earliest error in the chain.)

Defect: The wrong code (missing, extra, or incorrect).

Failure: The unacceptable behavior of the code when running.

Detect each as early as possible

Each can be detected with appropriate tools. Detect earlier to minimize cost and annoyance.

Meanwhile, do it right


With tools, learning, and discussion for writing good code.


Written by Tom Harris

June 27, 2007 at 12:59 am

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