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That’s right, not “development” but “developer”.

The latest issue of The Embedded Muse newsletter—#179 (pdf)—has a reference to an interesting and very different kind of book about C. It’s about the business pressures and the thought processes of C software developers. And a lot more. It’s also long—1600 pages! So download a copy and skim for what interests you:

The New C Standard: An Economic and Cultural Commentary

Some lines that caught my eye, just in the first 100 pages, skimming with the “Page Down” key:

“Software developer interaction with source code occurs over a variety of timescales [for example, those] whose timescale are measured in seconds.”

“The act of reading and writing software has an immediate personal cost.”

“Source code faults are nearly always clichés; that is, developers tend to repeat the mistakes of others and their own previous mistakes.”

“A list of possible deviations should be an integral part of any coding guideline.”

“The following are different ways of reading source code, as it might be applied during code reviews …”

Other related references from the book’s author Derek M. Jones (

And somehow related, from another author, Les Hatton (

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May 7, 2009 at 10:07 am

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