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What is Software Like?

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I’m still thinking about the question “What is software like?” which I tried to deal with last week in Not Like Anything You’ve Ever Seen. Today’s thought: pool. Not the swimming kind, but the kind with the pool table, sticks, and balls. Watch a professional play and you’ll see what differentiates serious pool players from the rest of us:

Position play: This is the act of hitting the cue ball with the necessary speed (and spin, if needed) to get the cue ball to end up someplace on the table where you’ll be able to get the next ball in easily. In short, it’s the strategy of thinking ahead and setting up your next shot.

(From lesson 2 of SoYouWanna learn to shoot pool?)

When writing code, it’s a whole new game if you write code not just to run, but to make it exactly ready for yourself (or someone else) to add the next feature or change.


Written by Tom Harris

July 6, 2006 at 12:34 am

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