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Tom Harris

A Path to Software Quality

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What will lead developers (and managers) to start practicing the best of what is known about software development? I don’t think that just being told will do it. People have to learn for themselves. But how? Where to start?

One answer is doing, and learning by trial and error. I’m all for learning by doing, but adding reading to that cycle helps too. The Web makes it a lot easier, if you know what you’re looking for. So I thought I’d share my reading path from this evening. Not just what I read, but the choices I made while getting there.

Google: Because it’s there
Google > more >> : I never clicked “more” before!
Blog Search: Vanity — look for my blog
Software Quality: My topic and profession
What Quantifies Good Software Design: Looked interesting
Quality With A Name: Recommended by first article

Other links I read from there though I came back to James Shore’s page:

What is Software Design?: Shore called it a “famous essay”
(later I found Reeves’ series of 3 articles with update)
Using PDL …: Articles mentioned “PDL”
Clean Code: Args …: Referenced in one of the articles
Design by Contract: Appeared in one of the articles

Does this mean that reading James Shore is the path to software quality?

Well, it’s a path.

More important is to search the web purposefully, find what means something to you, read it, and then try it out.

Written by Tom Harris

July 6, 2006 at 1:52 am

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